Redfern Now

As part of Area G's summer public information campaign, the PI committee has booked billboard and cinema advertising space for the month of January. A wonderful way to show those in need that we are here for the alcoholic who still suffers.

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June 10, Founders Day and the brown paper bag week.

On June 10, 1935, Bill Wilson and his friend Dr. Bob Smith set out to find the best way to treat fellow alcoholics, and Alcoholics Anonymous was born.

You and your group can help carry the message of our life saving fellowship by donating to the International Sponsorship Fund. Each year, the Fellowship distributes the Founders Day brown paper bags to collect money to help carry the message to the still suffering alcoholics in countries in Asia and the Pacific (AOSM Zone). 25% of the collection is sent to World Service Office in New York to help defray the cost of translating literature in countries where English is not their first language. The collection is traditionally is held during the week that Founders Day (June 10) falls in .

Facebook Advertising

Area G has started a Facebook Ad campaign - a series of 6 pictorial ads that are linked to send the clickee to the AA meetings website. The ads only charge a fee when clicked on.

The Facebook ad account is anonymous and has been tested in Melbourne with successful additional awareness, particularly with younger problem drinkers over the summer period.


The cost to the fellowship? $142. Great work Ryan T and other Area G trusted servants.   Is alcohol a problem? Find your nearest alcoholics anonymous meeting

Is alcohol a problem? Find your nearest alcoholics anonymous meeting

Meditation meetings.

Area G has 2 steps meetings that start with a 30 min. meditation before the main meeting starts.

Randwick steps meeting, Cnr Avoca and Milford Sts.

Tuesday 6pm - 30 minute 11th step meditation followed at 6:30 with a 1 hr steps meeting

Erskineville steps meeting, 21 Swanson St.

Thursday 6pm - 30 minute meditation followed by 1 hr steps meeting

For folks just attending the steps meetings please be mindful of those practisingthe meditation.


Illustrated steps workshops at Treatment Facilities

Recently, Chris and David were able to come to Sydney and share the message of recovery at 2 treatment facilities in Sydney.

Read Chris and David's report here

Area G would like to thank Bondi CSO, particularly Jim B and their CSR's, Laurence S, Ryan T from Treatment sub-committee for their service.

Read Laurence S' report here

Every attendee received a Little Big Book and Newcomers pack thanks to coordinated service efforts between Area and CSO.

Privileged to see it happen.